Community Integrated Care


Research & Team Lead
Bridging communication between care providers via the
NHS patient profile system; to improve cardiovascular
health through early detection in primary school as a means of prevention.

In collaboration with Fionnuala O’Conner Rutter, Yuyang Liu, and Xiyu Chang. 
This was a live project, collaborating externally with NHS 24 stakeholders and commnunity organisations.

0.1 Proposal


To build a partnership between community links practitioners and NHS 24; incorporating them as primary care providers capable of addressing the complex care needs that NHS 24 is currently unable to. Addressing changing needs from the pandemic, understanding that mental well-being and isolation issues have been amplified.

  • Increasing access to social prescription, 
  • Recognizing that mental health treatment is most successful when all psychosocial symptoms are attended to. 
  • Social prescription is understood to reduce demands on the health care system and empower patients through wholistic treatment.

Redefining Urgent Care
Our re-definition includes:
  • The addition of psychosocial symptoms,
  • The inclusion of a community links practitioner as a primary service provider.

0.2 Discovery


  • Community Engagement
  • Expert Interviews

0.3 Development

Persona Building

  • Stakeholder Mapping
  • Caller Identification (frequent and target)
0.4 Definition

Service Building

  • User Journey
  • Opportunity Identification
  • Phases of Action
  • Service Blueprint
  • Patient Service Flow