Lena Wood

Research, Speculation,
& Design Innovation

Lena Wood is an Edmonton based researcher and designer. She specialises in social research, service design and speculative innovation.

Her current work is exploring speculative futures, social design theory and community transformations.


Masters Thesis Project
Research, Speculative,
& Transformation Design

Mapping Glasgow: Transporting Futures 

Exploring the impact of privatised buses on Glasgow communities, speculating future transformative solutions.

Research & Service Design

Community Integrated Care

Adapting NHS 24 to better address complex psycho-social needs of patients. 

Health, Research, & Service Design

Together for Cardiac Care

Bridging communication between care providers to improve  cardiovascular health detection in primary school.

Exhibition & Information design

Addictions Don’t Discriminate

The stories of six people who have experienced addiction, sharing their journeys to increase empathy and awareness.

Health & Service Design

Design to Save Lives

An educational toolkit targeting opioid users, and combating misinformation about naloxone administration.
Health & Information Design

Safe Opiod Use

Information and illustrations on how to safely use opioids during COVID-19. 

Exhibition Design

Exploring our European Values 

An secondary school collaborative exhibition exploring what it means to be a European citizen.

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